What is Airport Meet and Assist?

What is Airport Meet and Assist?

Airport Meet and Assist is a personal VIP service providing a professional greeter to accompany travellers through the airport. They help passengers navigate through airport security, paperwork and physical challenges that are part of modern-day international travel. Meet and Assist Services ensure that every airport experience is as smooth, quick and easy as possible, while still complying with full airport security.

We recognise that every traveller and every airport is different, so we ensure that our Meet and Assist Services are totally bespoke and personal. Choose the personalised services you need to get you from A to B in the fastest and most stress-free means possible.

Who Uses Meet and Assist

Our Meet and Assist Service is particularly helpful for:

  • Celebrities and VIPs who wish to stay out of the public eye
  • Business travellers and frequent fliers who have urgent meetings/tight schedules
  • The elderly or those with limited mobility
  • Nervous travellers who need assistance with unfamiliar procedures
  • Those who may need language assistance
  • Mothers with young children who require an extra pair of hands
  • Wealthy travellers who are used to having staff to assist
  • Any traveller who wants to Fast Track and avoid long lines

What Do Meet and Assist Greeters Do?

Our professional greeters have airport security clearance to provide a seamless transition from kerbside to airbridge, and vice versa, with the minimum delay and fuss. They are easily identified as they will be holding a signboard with the lead passenger’s name. Local greeters are familiar with the airport layout and can guide clients through the terminal using the shortest and fastest routes available. They can also help smooth any language difficulty that may occur during the immigration, security and customs processes.

We appreciate that business travellers and VIP visitors may have urgent meetings and tight schedules. Where possible, we Fast Track clients through immigration, security and/or visa on arrival often bypassing lengthy lines as part of our Meet and Assist Airport Services.

Meet and Assist Arrivals

As the airplane taxies to the gate, with our Meet and Assist Service you can relax, knowing that your greeter will be waiting to welcome you at the air bridge or where you step into the terminal. They will accompany you through the airport, including immigration, customs and baggage claim, to your ongoing transportation. This may be a pre-arranged chauffeur-driven car, taxi or connecting flight.

Our staff will identify themselves and then escort you seamlessly through immigration using the fastest means at their disposal. Where necessary, either for convenience, speed or for practical reasons, we can – in some airports – arrange a buggy to efficiently transfer you through the airport. Part of our Airport Meet and Assist Service may include access to priority or private lines to ensure the shortest possible wait.

After immigration, your greeter will accompany you to Baggage Reclaim and will help you identify and retrieve your luggage from the carousel. If necessary, a porter will be organised to help with heavy or excessive luggage.

Our Meet and Assist Services end either at the departure lounge of your connecting flight, or kerbside, where your pre-booked limousine or taxi will be waiting. Our fully integrated Meet and Assist Service means that your greeter will be in contact with the driver to ensure a seamless transition from airport to car.

Meet and Assist Departures

Our Meet and Assist Service for those departing on flights provides a courteous and efficient service from the moment you arrive at the airport. Your greeter will liaise with your driver before you arrive at the terminal and will be ready to assist the moment you step from your car. If necessary, porters and/or buggy transport will be on hand to take you to check-in.

Our Fast Track service allows your greeter to escort you through check-in and security in the fastest possible time, often using exclusive lines normally reserved for crew or diplomats. Language is no problem for your local greeter, who will be able to smooth the way and act as an interpreter, if necessary. Our Meet and Assist Services usually end at your departure gate, or at airline provided lounge where you can relax in comfort before boarding your plane.

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